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race. >> jon: yes, you did! ( laughter ) you said that republican rick burt would win. he lost. >> he lost. >> jon: you better get out of the bbuddy. last night, here is honestly how i felt-- i didn't know obama would win, romney would win, the country would survive either. what i was really concerned about last night was that if your prediction model had been wrong, that it would have been a defeat for arithmetic ( laughter ) and that they would have seized upon that to, like, i think then gravity would be up for grabs. >> sure. >> jon: is that how you viewed it, to some extent, dispassionately for math? >> it would have been bad, i think, because for some reason, 538 that came invested with this symbolic power and symbolic power isn't particularly rational, but it became a symbol for people who wh who were believing, let's look at the polls and do impeerical research. >> jon: you were the chick-fill-a-- >> when i went to the democratic convention in charlotte. there was a chick-fill-a -- >> stephen: it's so good. >> it's pretty good. i think you can sample in the other side of s
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)

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